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Tiered Storage

Automated tiered storage implemented in storage arrays provides many benefits for customers with block-based storage systems, especially in terms of cost optimization. Although block-based, array-based storage tiering is restricted within the array and can’t support file-based applications, this type of tiering is more efficient than file-based or external block systems because it can automatically move smaller block segments among tiers without affecting the network, offering more granularity.


In recent years, an increasing number of companies have adopted iSCSI storage networks. This means that storage resellers need to pinpoint how their customers can optimize their Ethernet networks to support these SANs. Although all Ethernet switches that support TCP/IP traffic can support iSCSI traffic, it’s still crucial to consider factors such as the type of storage system your client plans to use and its growth rate.

Backup & Archiving

Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophes. Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses with mainframes as well as administrators of smaller business computers. For personal computers users, backup is also necessary but often neglected. The retrieval of files you backed up is called restoring them.

Archiving on the other hand is a collection of computer files that have been packaged together for backup, to transport to some other location, for saving away from the computer so that more hard disk storage can be made available, or for some other purpose. An archive can include a simple list of files or files organized under a directory or catalog structure (depending on how a particular program supports archiving).

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